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Get Aliomatic The Best AliExpress Affiliate Plugin for WordPress

Aliomatic is one of the aliexpress affiliate plugin that broadly used by internet marketer to fill their website or wordpress blog with AliExpress product content.

Same as another affiliate business, aliexpress affiliate will pay you a commision when people you refer are buying the products that you refer to them.

There are also aliexpress dropshipping business plugin for woocommerce purposes that are using also this plugin, but I found some of them are using wooaffiliates from affiliate king.

Ads: You can download Aliomatic with unlimited updates on Down47.com

A powerful tool for generating passive income for yourself, the Aliomatic AliExpress Affiliate WordPress Plugin is a must-have. Passive income is income that is received on a consistent basis and requires little effort to maintain.

Do you want to be able to make money even while you’re sleeping?

Want to post directly to your WordPress blog from the AliExpress marketplaces?

– Are you interested in establishing an Affiliate Marketing web site?
– Do you want to obtain all of the aforementioned benefits with little or no effort?
– No problem at all! The Aliomatic plugin is exactly what you’re looking for!

Our intuitive, simple-to-use system allows you to quickly and easily create a web site full of exciting items that are directly from the AliExpress Marketplace, each with your referral link included!

Affiliate income can be generated from a wide range of online marketplaces thanks to the support provided by this plugin. These are the ones:


Your blog will automatically import items from the AliExpress Marketplaces that you specify using the Aliomatic AliExpress Affiliate Plugin. The blog posts that result from this process are completely customizable and packed with valuable information. List of things that can be customized for each post:

  • imported items from custom search queries to WordPress posts imported popular products (ranked by highest sales or highest commissions) to WordPress posts post author user name post status import resulting items from custom search queries to WordPress posts (published, draft, pending, private, trash)
  • automatically generate post categories or tags based on items in the marketplace
    manually add post categories or tags to items create a post or page or any custom post type manually add post categories or tags to items
  • the post will be automatically generated with a featured image
  • enable or disable comments on the generated post customize the title and content of the generated post (with the included wide variaty of relevant post shortcodes)

Additional plugin features include:

  • Custom fields can be defined for automatically generated posts.
  • Google Translate support’choose the language in which you want to publish your articles from the drop-down menu.
  • Text Spinner support’automatically modify generated text by replacing words with their synonyms’excellent SEO benefit!
  • AliExpress, Banggood, Gearbest, Ozon, Asos, Wildberries, Mvideo, Litres, Aviasales, Hotellook, Tinkoff, Svyaznoy, BuyInCoins.com, Dresslilly, Pudra CPO, Pudra Revenue Share, Mamsy, Stolplit, Tutu, Ostin, and many other online marketplaces are supported by the software. Using the EPN.BZ Affiliate API, Groupprice.ru, Kupibilet, Profi.ru, FocalPrice, Pult.ru, Ostrovok.ru, Vichy, Beeline Shop, book24.ru, and NYX Professional Makeup can be found.
  • Using the Goo.gl link shortener, you can hide your link.
  • Posts that are automatically generated should be updated.
  • Keyword Replacer is a program that replaces keywords in a document (replace relevant keywords with referral links)
  • a sentence generator that generates random sentences (relevant sentences – as you define them)
  • Detailed plugin activity logging is available.
  • assistance in detail scheduled rule runs
  • Post length restrictions (maximum and minimum title lengths)
  • Post length restrictions (maximum/minimum content length)
  • Only post if the predefined required keywords are found in the title and/or content.
  • Add a post only if the title or content does not contain any of the predefined banned keywords.
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This plugin requires only a few simple configurations and will function on mobile devices and desktop computers regardless of the browser being used, including older browsers such as Internet Explorer 7 and 8.

The plugin is also “plug and play” in the sense that you can activate it and immediately benefit from the vast majority of the plugin’s main features without having to make any changes to your system.

The best and most flexible affiliate plugin available on the market for WordPress, Aliomatic AliExpress Affiliate WordPress Plugin, is made possible by all of the available features.

The following are the primary characteristics of the Aliomatic AliExpress Affiliate Plugin:

+ Add AliExpress content to your blog by importing it.

+ The posts that are generated as a result are completely customizable and are based on predefined rules.

+ Posts can have the following features: a custom title, content, the ability to enable or disable comments, a default feature image or an aliexpress item featured image, the post type, the post status, the author of the post, the post category, and tags.

+ Add item categories and tags to your generated posts by importing them.

Keyword search with a large number of options and monthly top products based on sales or commissions are two examples of possible post sources. +

+ Create rules and run them on a schedule: new posts will be automatically added to your blog as a result of your rules.

+ You can mark resulted posts as ‘Draft’ or ‘Pending’, or you can publish them as “Published” or “Private.” You can also move them directly to the “Trash” folder.

+ Shortcodes will give you the ability to completely customize the title and content of your posts.

+ Designed for speed – there is no impact on speed.

+ Free updates for life, as well as excellent customer service

+ Creation of referral links on an automatic basis

+ Advanced Logging – This feature allows you to see the results of your rules scheduled runs.

Create a list of keywords that will be automatically replaced with a predefined link using the Affiliate Keyword Replacer. + Affiliate Keyword Replacer

Random Sentence Generator: Incorporate a set of random sentences into your posts to distinguish them from one another, even in the eyes of web crawlers, so that your posts stand out from the crowd.

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+ Incorporates comprehensive plugin documentation and a tutorial.

+ Using the Goo.gl link shortener, it is possible to conceal referral URLs.

+ The information metabox at the bottom of each post will provide you with additional information about posts that are automatically generated.

+ Support for complete AliExpress item details (images, links, text)

+ Fully mobile-friendly design with responsive layout.

+ Translations are complete.

+ The most feature-rich ‘AliExpress Affiliate’ WordPress Plugin available on the market today!

AliPlugin Pro enables you to quickly and easily create professional WordPress-based affiliate websites that feature thousands of AliExpress products.

The plugin will include your affiliate ID in all links back to AliExpress, ensuring that you receive commission on all sales generated through your referrals to AliExpress.com.

AliPlugin Pro is a piece of software that allows you to create an affiliate website and integrate Aliexpress products into a WordPress website. The software is intended for bloggers, website owners, and internet marketers who want to earn some extra money through their blogs or websites.

AliPlugin Pro is the ideal Aliexpress affiliate program for any business. In all links to Aliexpress, the Plugin inserts your affiliate identifier (ID). Eventually, one can earn a commission on all sales made through Aliexpress.com that were referred by them.

In terms of AliPlugin Pro and the Aliexpress Affiliate Program, what can you expect?

The following features should be expected from the software and the program: New built-in themes are available.

Themes are critical in the development of an affiliate website’s traffic and revenue. For a website, the theme that is used should be appropriate for the site’s content. AliPlugin Pro includes all of the essential themes that a website owner may require in order to take their business to the next level.

The software simplifies the work because it eliminates the need to spend time creating themes. Those who want to build affiliate websites to promote Aliexpress products will have a better chance of making a profit as a result of this change.
Instructions on How to Import Products From Aliexpress.

AliPlugin Pro simplifies the process of importing products from Aliexpress. The software is linked to Aliexpress.com, which reduces the amount of time it takes to import products. Purchase AliPlugin Pro if you want to learn more about how to order food from AliExpress.
Instructions on How to Import Customer and Expert Reviews

Customer and expert reviews provide insight into the level of customer satisfaction with AliPlugin Pro and the affiliate program in general. The majority of the time, customer reviews can be used to determine whether or not a product is genuine. Bloggers, website owners, and internet marketers should pay close attention to customer and expert reviews of the software and program they are considering purchasing.

After purchasing and installing AliPlugin Pro, the process of importing reviews becomes simple. You can learn how to import customers and expert opinions if you purchase the software. It follows that AliPlugin Pro and the affiliate plugin are both worthwhile investments if the comments are all positive.

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Affiliates receive on-going support and assistance.

In the event that affiliates experience difficulties, the Aliexpress affiliate program will assist them. The support team that has been selected ensures that the affiliates do not experience any difficulties when creating their websites or conducting business.
Product updates are being made.

A user’s status on Aliexpress products is kept up to date with the help of AliPlugin Pro. If a product is available or out of stock, this feature can assist you in determining its availability. Furthermore, affiliates can use the software to remove products from their affiliate sites that are no longer available in order to run successful promotions.

Importing Products from Aliexpress.com that are available in multiple languages

Without a doubt, not everyone has the ability to read and comprehend English. Many people benefit from the tool because it is available in a variety of languages for importing products from Aliexpress.com. Those who are unable to comprehend English can choose another language in order to avoid any inconvenience. In a nutshell, AliPlugin Pro is a tool that is intended for users all over the world.

% of Gross Profit on Each Sale

The Aliexpress affiliate program, as well as Aliplugin Pro, are elevating affiliate marketing to a higher level of sophistication. After a sale is completed, an affiliate receives a 50 percent commission. If the number of referrals is high, it follows that the affiliate will receive a larger commission at the end of the day. The website conversion rates for the affiliate program’s website are also out of this world. Furthermore, while participating in the affiliate program, the affiliate is eligible for bonuses, rewards, and monthly incentives.
Bonuses are provided without charge.

A new version of AliPlugin Pro, AliPlugin Pro Woo, has been released. It is an improved version of AliPlugin Pro. It does not, however, come with any pre-installed themes. In addition, the software is unable to generate customer and expert reviews and ratings.

AliPlugin Pro is also compatible with smartphones, making it a mobile-friendly application. Anyone, regardless of whether they have a laptop or computer, can use the tool to promote Aliexpress products.

Customer service; The software’s support team is always available to assist affiliates with their questions and concerns.

The business is run on autopilot; the software assists the affiliate in putting in as little effort as possible into the operation of the business. AliPlugin Pro is responsible for all of the work.

Internet access and modern gadgets are required. This service is only available through the company’s website.

AliPlugin Pro is the ideal tool for promoting products on Aliexpress through the affiliate program. It is a dependable business partner who ensures affiliates a consistent stream of passive income. Make money by purchasing the software and putting it to use on your mobile phone or computer.